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Winter Storm Benji Restoration Updates

Noon Tuesday Dec. 12, 2017


Approximately 30 meters remain without power. Crews are working to restore those today. 

HEMC staff is also monitoring the weather and is prepared to respond as additional outages occur due to the predicted high winds.




7:30 a.m. Monday Dec. 11, 2017


Approximately 3,000 meters remain without power.  

Crews made great strides Sunday and overnight, restoring service to more than 12,000 meters. Restoration efforts will continue throughout Monday. All power should be back on by Tuesday.


Members are encouraged to report outages by phone:

(706) 754 - 2114

(706) 865 - 4362

(800) 640 - 6812


During restoration efforts, it became apparent that issues with the outage reporting system had not been fully resolved following Tropical Storm Irma. While efforts were made to offset these problems during the pas few days, we could not fully address them in the midst of the large number of outages. Two major issues were the phone system and the outage reporting system. HEMC is committed to providing excellent service to our members and has taken the following steps toward that goal.

  • An upgrade of the existing telephone system will be implemented by December 31, 2017. During the highest call volumes, members were unable to get through to report their outages. The upgrade will provide more incoming lines and should substantially limit or eliminate that problem int he future.


  • After the initial evaluation of the outage reporting system, it has been determined that the online outage reporting form was not operating as efficiently as possible. That form has been disabled to prevent further issues.


  • A complete and thorough evaluation of the current outage management system will begin once all power has been restored.


We sincerely apologize to our members. Please bear with us as this process will take some time as the HEMC staff investigates the causes and potential solutions to improve the system.


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